Grow Cube

Grow Cubes are made of coco husk chips and cocopeat, and contain advanced drainage holes. The drainage holes are present on all surfaces to drain excess water. They are manufactured specifically for plants and propogation of seeding. Grow cubes are ideal for greenhouses to be used as a starter for seeding and planting juvenile plants.

The coco grow cubes are clean, free frome Pathogen and weigh less than the soil mix packs.

Grow Cubes are 100% organic and biodegrable. They can be rehydrated for multiple crop cycles. Grow cubes help promote rapid dense root growth. It provides users with maximum control over the growth of the plants.

To maximse the control users have over the growth of the plants in Grow Cubes, the coir is washed thoroughly more than three times. This helps balance EC and pH values of the coir.

Grow Cubes are available in pre-packed with drain holes and can be cutomized to any size the customer wants.

This product can be customized according to customer requirements.
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