200l Low Compress bag

200L low compress bags are used in many applications in a growing industry which are made out of coco peat. These are produced by using different mixtures based on the requirement of the crop by increasing or decreasing the percentage of the coir fiber in the mixture. We can also add coco chips or crushed materials to the mixture. The uniqueness of the bag is less compressed and easy to loosen up and also maintains the moisture content between 25 -35%.

As a soil substitute, this can be used in potting mixtures, landscaping, seed generation, home gardening and it helps for soil conditioning. In golf course and mushroom farming, 200l low compress bags are more popular than any other growing medium. Not only that but also they are popular among Bonsai mixtures, vegetable beds and Rose cultivations. The bag is packed in a white poly bag which helps for transportation and easy handling. It’s a ready-made product and could handle with less hustle.

This product can be customized according to customer requirements.
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