Coir Blanket

Coir mat blankets are another solution for soil erosion. These are made with 100% cocnut fiber with photodegradable or biodegraadble top and bottom grids stitched up together. Top and bottom PP net layers hold the coir fiber with the help of stitched yam.

Coir blankets are also used to prevent the seeds and prevent the soil losses until the vegetation is firmly established. Coir mat can be pre-seeded with the selected seeds depeneding on the location. This helps to reduce the off velocity and moderate moisture and the temperature. Using coir blankets you can prevent soil compaction and crsuting. It will resist wind and rain forces. These benefits accelerate vegetative developmkent while the blankets decompose oer time and become part of the soil.

This coir mats have been developed for extreme slopes, high discharge channels and applications requiring permanent preotection and reinfircement. Due to increased public environment awareness and rising costs of repairing erosion, damanged sites, erosion control have become seripus considerations on all projects. Considerations sites with un-vegetatedd sleep slopes and / or surface drainage ways are prime targets for erosion. each erosion control blanket/ coir mat is designed for a specifiedd range fo erosion control and revegetation conditions considering soil and environmental conditions.

This product can be customized according to customer requirements.
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